Doing it righteously – taqwa, doing the right thing

I was at the farmers market, pasartani, this morning. Cuttle fish, the tiny type is called comek in Malay. A kilo of the normal sized cuttle fish is RM 14 a kilo, but the comek, it is only RM 6 a kilo. Those not in the know would avoid these small baby squids but I love them. Squids when they are oversized could taste like scrap rubber, chewable gummers. But comek are the opposite. Combined that with the more ink that you get they are a bargain.

The vendor was very generous. It was a good 100gram more, and I commented.

His reaction was not to show off his generosity.

“I am worried I short changed you” He said

“That is very righteous” I said.

“Not at all, it is the right thing to do” he replied.

I was impressed.

At the Sungai Way market, i saw an old Chinese lady manning her stall. She was really old. She must be approaching 80. I normally try to avoid the mention of race but I am here to illustrate that poverty knows no color.

Out of pity I bought a kilo of tomatoes I did not need. To my surprise it was only Rm 2.20 for a kilo.    Shiny, beautiful, succulent tomatoes but I will remember the wrinkles, the hunch, and the rickety arms.


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