thank you to the plunderer? no thank you

how i wish I am richer
how i wish there are more of our friends who are successful and rich
how i wish there are more rich bumi entrepreuners with substance
how i wish there are less rich bumi rent seekers, ap sellers, future mortgagers
how i wish there are more posh malay restaurants instead of dilapidated warungs

how i wish there are more halal banquet halls
how i wish the waitresses were impeccable well paid, malay ladies instead of myanmarese
how I wish their take home pay allow them to become tourists in faraway land instead of just lumut and chow kit and kelantan and putra jaya

how i wish my childrens education were as good as we had

but these are all wishes
but we are not broken
we work hard
we will continue mending our bicycle tube
we will continue to tap our rubber

we just need to be smart
we just need to work harder
to free ourselves from these chains on our neck
and remove the wool on our eyes and the dondang sayang on our made in putrajaya ipod

thank you to the plunderers, protectors of plunderers, cahoots and partners of thugs and thieves, no thank you.

can you be the redeemer of our dignity and pride? until you realize what went wrong and its causes, how are you going to be our redeemer?

what benefit does putrajaya bring to your apik basikal and pak mat in ganganegara ? and you say thank you on their behalf?


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