Engineering disasters, more waiting to happen in Malaysia – Arena of Shame Terenganu

Consider these disasters

a. Highland Towers Collapse

b. Computer Laboratory Roof Failure

c. Landslide Bukit Antarabangsa

d. MRR2 Highway Cracks

e. Jaya Supermarket Demolition

f. Tengku Mizan Stadium Kuala Terengganu

The above incidents are not  accidents. They have something in common, failure in engineering, in either one or more of the following:  engineering management, engineering design, engineering supervision, engineering consultancy…

I am not surprised. In fact I believe there are more waiting to happen. In a country where engineering consultants and designers are appointed based on  know who, decided by non engineers and not based on competence, disasters are bound to happen.

Engineers themselves are to be blamed. When greed is the principle instead of  engineering principles and ethics, and when engineers treat projects as commodities and merchandise to be traded and outsourced there are more disasters waiting to happen.

It is a country where civil servants , politicians are patronized by engineers for they are the one who have the authority to commission them and award them with lucrative fee.

I cry for you……..


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