handicapped Ulama – The banning of the sale of alcohol by the Selangor Government

Islam is a sensible,logical, practical and simple religion. If one is knowledgeable, or alim or ulama in plural  arabic, one would be able to explain the many wisdoms contained in the message of God. However many of  religionists  who claim to be alim or ulama, fail miserably.  They are mainly  self seving religionists with inflated ego of piety, self righteousness, and holier then thou attitude. The unnecessary separation of knowledge between secular and religious knowledge  are self imposed, self inflicted limitation of knowledge. As a result they cannot present, sensible, logical argument to bring good over evil.

How would you explain the action by the state government to ban the sale of alcohol based on the argument that the Muslim majority demands so. No culture ever unreservely say that alcohol is good. Every culture knows that that alcohol brings more bad then good things.

My quesrtion, why was this argument not used? That there are bad things then good things about alcohol. The Quran says so.  the people knows this. Why wasn’t  this argument  used? The fact that the muslims are in the majority the government can see the legislation going through, but the fact remains that using logical, sensible, quran commpliant argument, not only promote the religion but it shows how  logical, sensible, practical and simple  the religion is.

Am I a secularist? Yes if secularism means the study and the practical implementation of the sunatullah or the knowledge of God.


One Response to handicapped Ulama – The banning of the sale of alcohol by the Selangor Government

  1. pezze says:

    Unfortunately, just like the way “learning” has been in our country, through rote learning and “menghafal”. Most of the ulamas took this way.

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