Damn the Parisien Traffic

I missed my flight to Dublin. I left the hotel at 8. The bellboy was in his element. As if knowing that I was going to give him a generous tip, he went out of his way to secure me a taxi to Aero Gare  De Gaulle. I gave him ten Euro.

The Lebanese driver was not not that smart. It was not a familiar route . Why did he go through Champ Elyse? Why did he pass through  le Bourget knowing fully well tha salon le bourget would cause tremendous jam.

We arrived at terminal one at qurter past 10. The flight was to leave at 10.25 . I never like terminal 1  of de Gaulle.
I went round in circle. Still I could not find Aer Lingus.

So I decided to take the train to Gare du Nord for the Eurostar.

Damn that driver! It cost me 75 euro!!

But I was so cool. This was just part of a traveller’s fun. Enjoy the eurostar!!! Here I am enjoying my glass of champagne as the train rolled down into the tunnel.


3 Responses to Damn the Parisien Traffic

  1. Tadeusz Slupski says:

    Next time take the ‘metro’ its much faster and a lot cheaper.

  2. inspigoblog says:

    Hi Tad, I thought I was still in London. Yeah, no more taxi in Paris!!!

    No more Lindberg cross channel flight. I will take the Eurostar. It was a wonderful trip, all in 3.5 hrs door to door.

  3. Tadeusz Slupski says:

    Took the Eurostar myself few years ago and agree with you it’s a wonderful way to travel, so relaxing.

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