I am Lord of Kendal

I am Lord of Kendal. There is a street named after my peerage, Kendal Street. At the end of the street is my public House, the Lord of Kendal. My London abode stands at the junction of Porchester Place and Kendal Street.

I love this place.

To the left is the Arab quarters. How the place has changed in the last 30 years. There was a Safeway, a wollworth and Bali laksa House. Now it  is the place  for  tabouleh, tajines and kebab. Why not?

To the right is  the  quaint English quarters. There are many squares with well manicured English gardens. Within sight is Hyde Park. Parallel to the park is Bayswater Road.

I took a walk from Porchester Place to Lancaster Gate and then Queensway along Bayswater Road. It was a good 3 km walk. On the way back I stopped at Malaysia Hall. The Great Hall was no longer the Grand Hall where  we used to play table tennis and have our concert. I peeped inside and saw prayer mats.

I passed through Westbourne Terrace leading towards Sussex Garden. It is an old city but it is  a much better place then it was 30 years ago.

I love it. It is my kind of city. It is my city.


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