What is your choice? democracy or Justice, the Iran question

What is your choice? is it democracy or is it justice.

Do you want democracy Iran Style where you have the right to vote but subjected to a regime that is not to your liking OR you do not mind be a subject of a just despot or dictator?

In the case of Iran they  choose to play the democracy game but the risk is that, the majority may not be as smart and liberal as the urbanites. In a democracy even a single majority determines the right to rule and in the case of Iran the rural folks decide.

To me it is a simple choice. I choose democracy. To me denial of the right to choose or vote is UNJUST. Period. I cannot imagine being a citizen of Saudi Arabia, or Brunei or Swaziland. I want my right to choose the government of my choice.

The wheel of justice moves very slowly. In another perspective the speed of justice  depends on how fast the citizen embraces the power of democracy and how fast the citizens of the country see justice. You get the government that you deserve.

In Iran you see a lot of wishful thinking by the west. They wish Ahmadnedjad was gone. The media went on overdrive to drive the anti Ahmadnejad sentiment. But the majority of Iranians wants Ahmad nejad. These are the people without blackberriess, access to computers or CNN. These were the people of the bazaars who started the revolution in 1979. They are still very much the psyche of Iran today NOT the liberals and reformists you see on TV.

In Iran there are many positive things you see from the new  found democracy. For the first time Iranians are questioning the Ayatollahs. For the first time Iranians are showing open dissents. For the first time Iranians are questioning the revolutionaries.

That is democracy. They must not be stifled nor should they resort to violence. The rights to peaceful  dissent and the right to assembly is very much a part of democracy.

One day the liberals and reformists will have their day.

Let me have democracy any time.

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