Back in Malaysia, the special MH feeling

To be back in the cabin of Malaysia Airline 747 is like  being home.

It would be perfect if not for  the watery sambal on the nasi lemak. Otherwise it is like being back in KL. The chicken satay is the best in the world. For me at least because I never take chicken satay except on board Malaysia Airline.

You will be fed like a pig. You can eat non-stop. For a compulsive, obese eater it must be a feast , a non stop eating spree.

I am very predictable. I will have 3 sticks of chicken satay, avoid the starters and then bunk off. Prior to boarding I would have my routine at the seafood bar, complete with champie and the ocassional caviar.

Six hours into the flight I would have my maggi mee. The Maggi Mee is mandatory, the highlight of the whole journey.

The leading stewardess apologized profusely for the watery sambal. I said fire the caterer!

By then we would be approaching KLIA. Paula Malai Ali Asha Gill  is such a gem. I love her. You never get bored seeing her managing her arrival at KLIA in  her special way.

To all Malaysian, selamat pulang……

KLIA gets better by the day. I usually travel without any check in baggage so it is plain sailing.

At the immigration counter if not for the spoilt chip in my passport, the autogate is “wow!!” a breeze.

Walking through the waiting areas you see a more organized section. There was no tout approaching me. You can even buy the KLIA express tickets on board.  That is very smart.

My favourite Gate is number 5.  The door open and you step outside. Zapp!!!  You realize that you are really back home. The humid and hot wall of air jolt you into reality.

It is bloody humid and hot!!!

Your country is very hot!!!! Give me June in London and Paris minus the rain, please.


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