If You Do not Have Sex Appeal, Dont worry!!!

Why am I writing on SEX APPEAL?

A few friends have been taking the FACEBOOK quizzes, What is your percentage of SEX APPEAL?

Do you?   I do not bother. I  choose to write instead.

I define Sex appeal  as the persona, aura or  potential to attract, interest or excite feelings. There is no physical contact, thus the choice of aura, persona and potential.  At the most basic and civil form someone with sex appeal will attract attention. At its raw and animalistic form, it will generate excitement  and create interests for further manoeuvres.

How do you make the opposite sex be attracted to you? I am not suggesting that you become a sex magnate for whoever you are in contact with. Not everyone thinks about sex while taking a stroll, or going to the market. At the very least, your spouse is not turned off by your lack of sex appeal.

Are there guides and principles you could follow? There are but in reality your opposite number can be attracted to you for a thousand of different reasons.

charm, humor, wealth, odour, physique, beauty, race, color, origin, kindness, dress, hairstyle, voice, grace, crotch, bust, lips, smile, knowledge, power, authority, kinkiness, geographical location, sexual gender  ( for the benefit of non heterosexuals), hair color and styles, make ups, IQ, disability,

…….please add on. To be continued……

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