Sex Appeal, and appealing for sex Part 2

I am demonstrating the point that there are too many parameters to judge or quantify your sex appeal. It is a cultural thing. A sexy soul in Guam is not necessarily seen as sexy in New York.

It can also be a personal preference. Haven’t you seen a macho looking man going for a someone ordinary?

Time and need is also a factor. You may be cursed  to a deserted island with someone you despise sexually. Me? my taste is fairly universal but    mmmmmm, try me. Appeal?

If your  sex appeal is low  you can always  use the secret weapon, APPEAL. Yes, A P P E A L. Ask for it.

It works most of the time. If it doesn’t work,  move on, there are many types of bees as there are flowers or in malay banyaknya kumbang dan bunga…


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