Parenting – Do not spare the Rod

I make it clear to the brood that they will get the cane if they breach the following

* playing truant

* stealing

With little adam, going to school was a big problem when he was in Standard 2. I have to dispense the rod, on several ocassions. After several counselling which did not work, off we went to the little room. I made it clear that I have to cane him in exchange for missing school.

There were a few more ocassions when he tested the rule and again his butt get the whip.

I am the only one who has the authority to give a day off. I use this when I need company to go back to my kampung. It is the opportunity of 1to1 with the kids. It is rare to have such luxury and I always believe that a few private moments will do both ouf us a world of good.

As with stealing, I am hard. Stolen items go to the longkang and the butt get the whacking.

It is never easy to be the one holding the whip. I always make sure that I do that minus any anger.


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