Parenting – Never Lie

Another Golden rule to parents – never, never lie.

If you wish to build trust, if you want your words to be taken seriously, if you want authority, if you want your kids not to lie you must not lie.

It is customary for parents particularly amongst Asian parents not to take children seriously. Sometimes it is done for convenience or to stop tantrums or incessant pestering by the inquisitive mind.

The easy way out is to promise without the intent of fulfilling the promise. That is outright lie, not even failure to deliver a promise.

During our last trip to Langkawi, Young Adam wanted to get a ride on the Langkawi Van. He is a young man now, no more little Adam. Not that there is anything special about the van, he just loves anything on wheels. The group was in a hurry to go to the airport. Out of convenience someone promised that the van will come back to pick him up knowing fully well that the van will never come back.

That is a lie.

He demanded his due, having been trained never to shirk on promises made.

In this case the adults were to be blamed.


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