THe Culture of Poverty – Manik Urai and the malay politics

The Manik Urai byelection left many people wondering, why BN failed to win.

Unfolding in MANIK URAI is THE CULTURE OF POVERTY that all Malays suffer. The same culture experienced by the Irish and the French Canadian and the Mexican.

In simple terms it is a poor, uneducated society in the new democracy who franchised their hopes and rights to the political leaders in the name of nationalism or religion or doctrines. The reasons for outright franchising is their lack of ilmu, skill and being marhaen and not forgetting the feudalistic and religious background. They live on hope but do not know the business model to improve their life.

The elected leaders are equally poor, uneducated. They have the desire to become rich. The only business model they know is to rob the treasury and baitulmal and the tabung haji and the political coffers.

Both are to be blamed.

Personally I try to dissociate and fight hard not to be sucked into this culture of poverty.  Fortunately I have a business model which works. I use my know how to earn an honest living. I also require help from KNOW WHO but not at the expense of sacrificing my principles. I break barriers by moving away from the tribal and local marketplace. The challenge is to find a product and business model  that has appeals beyond your national shores.

So the solutions is FIND a BUSINESS MODEL TO GET OUT FROM THIS Culture of Poverty. Then work hard to defend, promote, develop it further.


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