a dog, a buddhist, and her christians and muslims friends

We have a lost dog in our neighborhood. By the look of it he was a well trained pet. The children (me included)  have been petting him at every opportunity.

Stanley our neighbor talked about putting up an advertisement on the lost and found column. The canine has been given temporary abode in his compound.

Late noon today, A lady and two gentlemen came to the neighborhood armed with a leash with the intent to adopt the dog. I  was with adam.

“Why are you touching the dog? Are you a Muslim?”

“Why?” I asked.

“My muslims friends said that they cannot touch dogs. My Muslim friends refused to come to my open house because they said they cannot come because I keep dogs”

“Islam does not forbid” I explained,. ” Those are misinformed “Muslims”

” Some of My Christian friends also refused to come to my house because they think as a buddhist I worship the devil. I am confused.”

” ha,ha do not be confused. It happen to all religions., Our job is to seek the truth”

Bigot? are these bigots?


One Response to a dog, a buddhist, and her christians and muslims friends

  1. Bigot = a person who is prejudiced in their views and intolerant of the opinions of others (Oxford)

    Prejudice = preconceived opinion that is not based on reason or actual experience. (Oxford)

    Quranic Knowledge Far Ahead of Human Progress*

    [6:125] Whomever GOD wills to guide, He renders his chest wide open to Submission. And whomever He wills to send astray, He renders his chest INTOLERANT and straitened, like one who climbs towards the sky.* GOD thus places a curse upon those who refuse to believe.

    *6:125 Centuries after the revelation of the Quran, we learned that the proportion of oxygen diminishes as we climb towards the sky, and we gasp for air.

    Dogs in the Quran ?? Are’nt they dirty (Najis) ?!!!!!
    I heard this from a Muslim friend. So I told him to read the Quran and find what Quran says about dogs.http://submission.org/pets/dogs2.html

    Why is it that dogs are looked down upon in the so-called Muslim world ? Why has tradition made it so difficult to keep a dog in your home ? Why would a “Muslim” Taxi driver refuse to allow a blind man and his guide dog into his cab ? http://submission.org/pets/dogs.html

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