Majority rule or mob rule – the banning of the sales of beer in Shah alam

I support the banning of the sale of beer at convenient store outlets. These are the 7-11 and other 24 hour stores.

However I am against the use of the argument of majority versus minority in promoting the ban. The reasoning that it is only to be executed in muslim majority areas is a concern to me. That set a dangerous trend to fragment districts and constituencies in according to religious and racial mix.

That also reflect the lack of ability to reason, argue, debate and lead even in a caucus called pakatan which literally means team with mutual interests.

What if the non muslim refuse to adhere to the segregation of halal and non halal in non muslim owned outlets on the argument that they are doing it only in chinese majority areas?

We want to be ruled by law and reasons, not by mob rule.

Many non muslims will support the ban if the reasonings are non opressive and universal.

Aaagh, it just shows the lack of understanding of each other by both. Chauvinists on both divides?


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