Celebrating Commitment, Competency, Courage and Class

Note: I am very pleased to read this news that Malaysian engineering degrees are now recognised in the UK and EU. In the 70s there were skeptisms. I am writing this to pay tribute to courageous Malaysian engineers who dare to lead, to make a different, who display utmost integrity

I am an engineer.

I am committed to my profession. If there is one thing lacking in the profession, it is leadership. Many engineers are mere followers. In the organization I lead I made it clear that leadership development among engineers is top in my list. Technology is very much driven by engineering. If that is the case why are engineers so scared to be in the driving seat.

A lot of blame are pointing  to the engineers themselves. They stopped learning the moment the obtain their engineering degree. Even if they do, they refuse to learn from others whom they consider as lesser professions. Big headed engineers are aplenty. By the time they realize it they are at the bottom of the management rungs.

Engineers must be committed to developing competencies. Engineering does not lie. The practice of engineering laws are applying the Law of God. They may call it NEWTONIAN or Fleming’s or Eimstein’s, but the fundamental of it is, it is God’s Law of Gravity, Law of action and Reactions, Law of Force and momentum.

It is therefore essentials the law of God be practiced with uncompromising integrity. Engineering must make money, but not at the expense of selling our soul.

What are competencies without courage? In the field of Knowledge that I specialise in I develop the courage to innovate, to test new frontiers, to do the unthinkable.

I will try to do it with class.


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