Dani Dwi Permana,18, Indonesia youngest suicide bomber- Victim of the the Preacher from HELL

The Straits TImes Singapore 16th August

DAni Dwi Permana, 18,  became Indonesia’s youngest suicide bomber when he blew himself up at the JW Marriott Hotel, snuffing out the lives of five innocent people as well.

Madam Ramila Sangaji, 51, the mother of Dani’s best friend Wildan Novstatian, said: ‘I used to tell my boy Wildan that he should follow Dani because he never fooled around and always said prayers at the mosque five times a day.

But the young man might be just one of scores of teenagers recruited by Muslim extremists in Indonesia, a development that is of growing concern to the government.

Left to fend for himself, Dani had become easy prey for a stranger who came to his village one day to preach a message of violence and hate at the local mosque.

Wildan, 18, told The Sunday Times in a phone interview: ‘Dani had told me one day that he wanted to become a martyr. I told him that he would die for nothing.’

The itinerant preacher, identified by police as Saifuddin Jailani, held religious study sessions at the village mosque every Saturday night.


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