H1N1 in Malaysia – Failure of the Minister Of Health?

The control of pandemic of dangerous diseases is the responsibility of the Minister of Health. The H1N1 is not the first pandemic for Malaysia.

We had the dangerous bird flu and the Nipah virus. These pandemic were considered more lethal then H1N1. Yet the fatalities for H1N1 have been much higher. At 71  deaths today, many doubt the truth of that official figure. The Minister even admitted that the actual figure was actually twenty times the official figure.

We had the two ChUAS as Health Ministers during the earlier pandemics. Now both are out of the MCA. What a different breed the present Minister is compared to the two Chuas. It is like comparing a sissy, or jambu to two machoistic go-getters.

At 71 we are worst then Indonesia. We could be at the bottom of the league per capita.

It is a pandemic.It is not like the common cold. It is not just about awareness. Even if it is about awareness the Ministry has been very slow in creating the awareness. It is not treating this like a crisis management. It is still business as usual.

Maybe he is too busy sacking the Video Chua and lamenting the loss of the senior Chua.

There has been too much of politicking. We want to feel safe.


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