The end of Ramadan

Today is the 30th of Ramadan. It is funny that there is a tinge of sadness. You know that it cannot be more than 30 days, you know that  it cannot be perpetuated, you know that it could be physically challenging yet you have this  feeling of looking forward to the next Ramadan.

AS kids we look forward to Syawal, and see Ramadan as the hurdles you have to go through, the long walk in the summer heat to get to the ice cream kiosk, the cool peak after the arduous climb. There are those who live for Syawal for it is the grand event of the year. Nothing wrong with that.

Just that as you get older you sharpen your senses. You begin to enjoy the walk, the journey, the climb, with its sights and sounds and feel and taste.

I wanted to include the word immersed, but in what? In rituals? Not quite. For I have my own way of appreciating and living up My ramadan. It is the remembering of the Being, it is  realising the wisdom of the decree, it is appreciating brotherhood, it is about remembering humanity for hunger and poverty does not discriminate. You realize that you are but a drop in this ocean of humanity.

On this day my prayer of hope is,  I continue be given the health and prosperity and the happiness and the guidance to continue the spirit of Ramadan, for it is indeed a blessed month. Let there be continued peace Lord.

I enjoy this collection.


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