F1 TEAM for Malaysia

I support the F1 initiative. I support the 1Malaysia F1 venture.

I am an engineer. I like designs. I believe Design is key to the the mastering of technology. I am also a salesman and a marketeer. I design and I sell. I am pro PROTON, a fan of Tan Sri Yahya. He was my  inspiration and my hero because he bought LOTUS. PROTON will survive because it has got LOTUS, it has design ability and has its own drive train. Otherwise it will just become another assembler. Proton has to leverage on the LOTUS brand and enhance it.

As an engineer there are three things I like and follow, AIRSHOWS, FORMULA 1 and A MERICA CUP. These are the 3 events that combine engineers and marketeers. These are the elite races for engineers and marketeers. Year in year out. These are events that take engineering R&D and creations beyond the test beds and market them.

Off course you need to spend money.  The fact of the matter is that quality, R& D  and marketing cost money.

The global marketing/advertising budget is about USD 40 billion. http://blogs.zdnet.com/ITFacts/?p=14013 . The USD 300m a year for 1Malaysia  team,  is not just advertising money but include R&D and others . The spinoff are multi folds. F1 is not just the champagne, or going round in circles or the partying.

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