The MCOB Debate – I am for the motion supporting the F1 initiative

Let us assume for the moment, there is no 1 Malaysia, there is no  government involvement in this F1 initiative. Let us look at it as a  commercial undertaking. Consider the following facts
No 1 – National oil company Petronas claims its annual cost of  sponsoring F1 is less than 5% of what it would cost to gain similar
exposure. Last year, its exposure via F1 was valued at about RM1bil.  Star 19 sep
No 2 – Advertising market in Malaysia RM 4 bil .
No 3 – All advertisement are 90% local. We have not gone to global  branding except for petronas

I am an entrepreuner and I understand. Even if you are not Imagine you  are one. Why not think of tapping that advertising budget? . Why not?
Instead of billboards and Yasmin Ahmad they develop new cars, new  innovations, new composite technology, use of the massive wind tunnel
in UTM, capitalise the LOTUS brand, Can you make money in the process?
If you can,  then proceed. There will be a time when it will be in the  red then you  withdraw as BMW did. What is the big deal. Compare Air
asia/lotus/proton/petronas/SD consortium to BRAWN there are more to  gain in Malaysian Branding. They do not even have an anchor brand. If
the ROI is bad do not do it, that is the first thing those  entrepreuners think.

OK let us give a simple analogy.  The f1 is like the Malay College  Union concert. You want to do a Malay College Student Union Concert.
You establish the Concert committee. You get sponsors. You ask  permission from the HM. What does the HM do and think? Is it good
branding? is it good for the students presently and the future?  you  do the arithmetics and profit and loss. You invest in some stage
lighting and prop and musical instrument. In the 70s we had no problem  getting supports from the authorities. In the 90’s I hear the Ustazs
were against such ideas. Pity you.

Back to F1, just because we are not entrepreuners, just because it is  TF, we are saying it is not good and politicise it.

Once again I say I salute TF and AIRASIA. the branding it does to  Malaysia is worth more then the amount owing to MAB. That AIRASIA-x
CEO is another guy to watch. He is refreshing , he is brave and  courageous, he is the new breed.

We have LOTUS, it is a national asset. We have an industry, we have  Composite manufacturer, we have a reasonable wind tunnel, we have
business leaders that are courageous . Just do it!!  Singapore has  been lamenting  why are they not as brave as Malaysians. In the
meantime, the thing we need to do is to make sure everything is above  board  and make sure they are accountable but do not kill initiative


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