Life, death and birthdays

Finally, the long awaited birth of the first of the 5th generation mariam bako clan still alive came. My mother is 86. Yesterday her great grandson azam, was blessed with a daughter. Everyone gets a promotion. In the Malay heirachy she is an oneng-oneng or great great granny. My Long becomes a buyut or great granma and Yah my neice becomes a nenek. I am tok yot.

Thankul of the blessing, i have promised to hold a grand bash.

At 7 am today I heard the sad news. Kamariah succumbed to cancer, one that she had been suffering for the last 10 years. She was a fighter and she was rewarded by having the pleasures of seeing the wedding of her daughter and the graduation of the two sons.

Today I celebrate my 52nd birthday. birth, death and birthday on a single day.


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