This war on corruption as in any war must not be a don Quixote’s war. Attack the right target, not your imaginary targets or the wrong target, as did Don Quixote.

As in any war it is about winning skirmishes, strategic points and targets, winning  battles and managing the victory post war. It is about strategies and tactics. It is about losing and winning and being victorious.

Are politicians the most corrupt in Malaysia? No I do not think so. The mega deals are mind boggling, but in terms of numbers and quantum they are not quite near the amount of corrupt money in the official economy and the black market economy combined. If corruption cost is 10% of the economy, even if we do not take into account the blackmarket economy, the 450 m payouts for the submarine deals is only a few percentage points of the corrupt economy.

It is tactically smart to bash the PM of the day for all wrongdoings, past and present. But tactics have its shortcoming, it cannot be used too frequently. Once you get the political will or more correctly the PMs will, keep the momentum and  you have to focus on other targets.Give them to complete their term of office. If they fail you use the ballot box but in the meantime expose, without too much of politics.

So who are the most corrupt?

The number one practitioners of  corrupt practices are the businesses and  corporations.Yet they are the likely one to go undetected, unreported and where corruption is generally accepted as the way of doing business. Corruption among business practitioners  are also the most difficult to control

Tactically, let us leave the businesses for the time being.  Let us focus on the government machinery, the holders of power.The reality on the ground is such that power is fairly well distributed amongst  the various branches of the judiciary,  the military, the police, the civil servants.

Yes the civil servant!! The few civil sevants must have a few fingers in the RM 450 million pie. The police, the military, the professionals, have limited power compared to the power that the Sec General of Ministries and the Treasury. There is also the Economic Planning Unit which is supposed to be the verifier of all capital projects.

Why not train your guns, missiles and bazookas on the Secretary Generals?Will there be  any backlash from the civil servants? No I do not think the average clerks and head of department will be affected if his  sec gen is being hauled up.

If the self appointed generals of this war against corruption  keep on training their snipers on just NTR and RM you will blow your cover.  Fighting your political nemesis and fighting against corruption do not necessarily have to be the same war  . There are people who are getting tired of  your politicising every piece of news in your news of the world at a time when you need more syamphatizers, particularly for the political  fence sitters.You need these fence sitters during your political battle, unless off course you know you are losing political ground.

The strategy is to Segment your targets and  tackle them at the approprite time and separate fronts.


3 Responses to The War on corruption – POLITICIANS ARE NOT THE MOST CORRUPT!

  1. ustaz says:

    There will be no corruption if everybody learn about Islam…….[remember]

  2. arbee says:

    Learning Islam the way we do it today will not eradicate Corruption. At the school level, mostly we learn about Fardu ‘Ain and almost nothing else. Our life emphasis is no different from the rest of the world – economic well being and only economic well being. No mention of spiritual and emotional well being. To Fardu ‘Ain is translated to jasmaniah and nothing else. Bring in the Rohaniah aspects of Islam and INSTIL into every heart and soul this Rohaniah. Begin at the schools.

  3. inspigoblog says:

    how about teaching and practicing rukun taqwa?

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