Review of Courtyard Marriot in Patong Phuket

It was a choice between the Laguna and Patong. The size and the wide age group to satisfy were the primary reasons for choosing Patong.
We were at the courtyard from the 26th to the 31st of Dec.There were 8 of us. There was my 65 year old mother in law, the ladies, 3 teenage daughters and an 8 year old lad with a bundle of energy.
The location at the quiet end of Patong was a welcomed sanctuary from the hustle and bustle.
I do not like carpeted hotels, and tiled floors were not preferred either. The generous use of timber flooring won me over. The two queen sized twins in our rooms made us feel at home. Just outside our 3rd floor rooms was the swimming pool. To my 8 year old that was his idea of a perfect hotel.
The swimming pool though small was just nice. we could comfortably keep our eyes on the kids. While walking a long Patong road, I saw the pool at the Holiday Inn. It was crowded and not the kind of pool we prefer.
The young crew at the Courtyard was a tribute to the youth of Thailand. They were hospitable, friendly and always ready with their smiles.
The Momo restaurant served good food. Try the green curry. The Momo served illys coffee, our standard bearer for our daily doses of latte or just pure caffeine.
The courtyard could be more welcoming if the door service and concierge were improved. Most ofthe time, yhere was no one waiting at the door to help with the bag or to welcome and bade farewell. That was a minus for the hotel. The Hard Rock Cafe was a plus for the Courtyard. We brought the kids in. It was clean fun for everybody.
In conclusion it was a perfect choice. We had a good time in Phuket. We did a lot of the outdoors. The Courtyard was home when we chose to do our free and easy.

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