The Passing of the greatest Malay Massuer, the Greatest Massuer in the World

I have done spas and massages all over the world. On the principle that your body and your health is your greatest asset I have no qualms pampering myself. As with high performance cars, that needs servicing calibration and realignment, body rejuvenation by massaging is my equivalent of calibration, realignment, charging and servicing.

I have experienced the mauling of the punjabi masseur in Bangalore who thought I was her capati dough. I have been pampered by the secret of Marrakech beyond the Hamam. There were those who were more interested in  trading the extra services. The Thais would think you were a contortionist. The Swedes would trample on you.  I have had Malay male  masseur who claimed to be the restorer of your libido.

Not a single one of them come near to the standard, the satisfaction and the professionalism of my PAK SU.

Yesterday when I called his number it was Mak Su who answered. I was dumbfounded. He succumbed to his short illness on the 17th of Dec 2009. The last time I called him was a few days before his demise. He was still hospitalised.

Pak Su was different. His style was different. His understanding of a man’s anatomy was amazing. A massage to him is the whole body massage, the nooks and corners of every accessible muscle.

In his deep Kelantanese accent he would be describing each part of the anatomy. At any difficult spot he would mumble a few mantras, spit his saliva to his palms and presto the pains disappear. In between it would be gossip times, about his other clients and I knew I was also in his Pancaindera gossip column.Not that I mind.

I was introduced to him by Pok Ya my senior at the Malay College.  Off we went to his rented squatter hut. I changed into a sarong and rested my head on this blackened pillow, not unlike the one on board the Marang boat. Filthy in the most extreme form.

It was a Wow massage. The post servicing road test was amazing. I was able to take corners, the power was enhanced and you get better mileage. Satisfied client.

To avoid the filthy pillow, subsequent massages were done in the comfort of my home. My driver would fetch him and send him back. He would stay for dinner or lunch. He liked my two MEKs otherwise he would not touch the food he said.

Adam became close with him. At the prodding of his big brother he would be accompany TOK SU and kept asking” Jangan lupa urut Batin tok Su”

He would be using this special oil which he said was made of aged submerged wood in rivers where river creatures position themselves to catch their prey or sunning themselves. So your instrument will be as stiff and strong as this submerged wood and  creatures will be drawn to it so he claimed. I think it worked.

I asked him if any one of his sons has taken up the skill. Unfortunately none was interested.

I am going to miss him very much.


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