lessons from the vegetation in the DUBAI desert

It rained today. The grid was chockerblock. I did not complain

If you are seated at Chinoz KLCC on a rainy day in June or JUly, you are likely to see young Arabs playing in the puddle and fascinated  by the rain. They are not unlike the curious beings who have never seen snows.

How blessed we are because of the rain. I never complain of the rain. I love it when it rains. Correction. I love it when it rains in Kuala Lumpur. I would be cursing if it rains in the dreadful month of December in London. Combine the London rain with the Northern wind, you have to be careful with your earlobes. It gets brittle.

Those emiratis must be admiring how green Kuala Lumpur is. Would you imagine being a tree in the desert  of Dubai. You are pampered with whatever you need to make you grow but the scorching heat and the loose shifting sand make you feel as if it is perpetually Ramadan. You could see and sense how each tree and of course its caretaker struggles  to establish its roots, to get its first shoot and to survive the 50degrees summer heat.

Here we are in Petaling jaya, an idiot has grafted a ring around the stem of this beautiful tree. I have been cursing every time I see the leaves falling and the tree struggling to get its nutrients down  to the roots.

I love the rain trees. Maybe because of  my affection for the BIGTREE. Not just that, the rain tree is so majestic and dome shaped canopy  makes it more regal. I planted one at my newly restored ancestral home. It was already 15 ft tall with a girth of 12 inch. It has been more then a year since the RM 1k tree was planted and now it is taking shape. I have been impatiently waiting for it to flourish to its full glory.

I like the PULAI too and so is the BUNGO. It has been a long wait. I therefore cannot understand why trees are being chopped down for no apparent reasons.

For those who dislike trees and dislike the dry leaves which my mother considers as rubbish, may be a few weeks in Dubai will make them appreciate the bounty they have been blessed with.

Rain rain, come again. Do you know why frogs like rains? Perfect time and ambiance for mating.


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