Sekolah Kebangsaan – I hope they get the message

What do parents expect from a primary school

1. an ambiance and facility for healthy learning environment, balancing the physical, mental, emotional, development of the 6 to 12 year olds ( we do not want zombies, nor nerds)
2. Acquisition of three languages ( the world is changing, two is not enough, it could be tagalog or russian)
3. provides transition from the old ways to the digital world ( they need to learn to write, love books, maintain text books, not lose their erasers and there is such things as drawings and colorings)
4. nurtures and encourages creativity, democracy, embracing of diversity ( creativity is about value multiplier, democracy is about rights and privileges, and diversity is about migration from the tribal mindset)
5. Inculcate good and right values and principles ( isn’t being righteous paramount? and righteousness is universal)

malaysia, this is taman megah

It is therefore sad to hear from the Chairman of the PIBG of SEK KEB Bukit Tunku that chinese parents have been shunning away from sending their children from that fine school. From a racial mix of 50/50 it is now 90/10.

Is this the backlash of the reversal to the teaching of Maths and Science to Malay? Is this a way of showing anger at the decision? Is this a subtle display of power?

I am also upset with the silly decision to not teach Science and Mathematics in English. But I have faith in Schools like Taman Megah. Whatever the government says, I am assured that my children will have a good command of English and I know there are opportunities to learn Mandarin and Tamil and Arts and robotics.

Parents at Taman Megah have demonstrated that with their active participation there are many things they can achieve.

To Muhyiddin, I must say that you are not inspiring. Young kids need heroes and unfortunately You are too heavy and old fashioned for that.

SK taman Megah robotics


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