750000 Malaysian Professionals Overseas -Malaysian Employers Federation Survey

750,000 Malaysian working overseas.

That is good news. It is good news that professionals are well represented. In this context , as professionals they are engaged in one of the learned professions and  they are characterized by or conforming to the technical or ethical standards of a profession. They also live on this axiom that they will earn as much money and serve whoever that pay them well and treat them professionally.

A growing number of The new age Malaysian professionals have no qualm serving anywhere in the world, if the return  commensurate with the discomfort, discrimination, loneliness, of the new country. I am happy to see a growing numbers are Malays and other non-chinese. . This has been accelerated due to the fact that Malaysian Engineering degrees are getting recognition in Europe and the US.

In UAE there are 2000+ Malaysian Expatriates. There are thousands  In Saudi, South Africa, Sudan, Turkmenistan, PakisTAN, KelanTAN,  CHINA. My team was in Shanghai and the guy they met was a young  Malay chap. If you ask them the main reason they left TEchnip, Petronas, TNB, or any Malaysian company  , etc. etc, the simple answer  is the pay is just TOO good. many consider themselves citizens of the world. I would encourage  Malaysian to migrate and see the world. I personally have contemplated acquiring an EU citizenship. So what?

Admittedly there are people who migrated due to frustrations, and those who find living conditions in South Africa, Auistralia, London as livable   and many other reasons . Naturally  this is being exploited to the fullest by the DAP, MCA, GERAKAN, to their advantage. Do you buy this ? we can buy some, but not rod, line and sinker.

I never take pride that t KL is the cheapest city in the world.  Pay people decent and competitive wages, a big percentage will scramble back. Not all, but the TRUE  professionals will.


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