Flight Information System, Syntetic Vision, Highway in the Sky and Terrain Awareness Warning System

Notes ; I found a new hobby, learning about special mission helicopters. To the experts out there pardon my shortcomings. This jottings are my way of learning about this wonderful machine and the associated systems.

Unlike high altitude aircraft flying above the clouds, A helicopter often flies low, in the weather, hugging the terrain. In the tropics he flies just above the jungle canopy which in mountainous tropics his vision is all green minus the horizon. He depends on the senses always on the lookouts for visual cues and potential hazards.

Just like Alaska, the weather in the tropics can drastically change without notice.

What do you do? Turn back, abort the mission? Find a landing spot? Pull up? Unfortunately that is the very stressful situation that we put pilots in

I cannot imagine myself in such a situation. It is like driving into total darkness minus your headlights and not knowing what is ahead of you,. Yet you cannot just pull over. You are on a rescue mission and you are so mission oriented, high on adrenalin and you want to save lives.

Much is the progress in aviation technology putting pieces of metal flying in the sky, without the assurance that I know where I am with respect to the environment around me, that piece of metal is no more then a flying coffin traveling at high speed.

I do not want to be a pilot. I will only fly if I know where I am with respect to the terrain, I want a safe highway in the sky, I want to know options available to choose my route, I want to know the weather within my vicinity, I want to be warned of imminent dangers.

They call it situational awareness.

And I am lazy. No I am not lazy, i just want to be smart, i want to be safe, i just want to live longer. At the speed I am flying, I need to unfreeze my brain for just decision making not the storage of data and remembering. I need to be free from stress and my brain must not be overloaded with mundane stuff. I am focused on safety. I should be focussed on what to do next having given the big picture of the situation.

Give me the BIG picture. They talk about HELICOPTER VIEW but am I getting it?


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