Father of the Bride – prologue

I am going to be the father of the bride. This a totally new experience for me. I am ” strongly opinionated” as far as weddings are concerned and now is the time for me to walk the talk.

Am I nervous or feeling uncertain? no I am not. I am as cool as a cat, for those words I have penned, are words I really meant. That helps.

The BRIDE is the title the young maiden carries on her wedding day. So I guess that title Father of the Bride is the Title for the day. These jottings are the log of the process in becoming the father of the Bride, and hopefully records of the aftermath.

Weddings are indeed important event and there are despots and kings and sultans who made it a matter of the state.
Wars have been fought between nations, states lost their independence, the sultan lost the throne due to weddings and marriages.

Not known to many, is the story of how Kedah lost its sovereignty after the wedding of one of the princesses. This was well recorded by the Tan Sri Mubin Shepherd the distinguished, renown historians in his biography of Tunku. He was the only historian who dared to touch on this taboo piece of history. Watch my next entry.

For I am Ceasar, and I have decided that Ceasar must have full control of the process.


One Response to Father of the Bride – prologue

  1. inspigoblog says:

    ceasar is struggling to control the mother of ceasar.

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