Father of the Bride – the engagement ceremony

Many things happening at the same time or was it a case of trying to do many things at the same time. I believe it is the later. The house we bought has been idle for two years. The good thing about target date is that it push us to deliver, so a refurbishment that would have taken at least 3 months was completed in 30 days.

The wall was still being drilled on the eve of the engagement day. The neighbor had been very understanding and tolerant. Would I be as tolerant ? I doubt it.

The mummy of the bride, I must say has been working extremely hard to meet the dateline.

The theme was MInang and REMBAU, the mama with the REMBAU element and the Mummy with the minang influence. We had pulut kuning and sambal tumis petai for breakfast. The Rembau tradition being kept alive. It was delicious. The Mama  side showing the forte in culinary delights. Asking for the rendang rembau would be too much to ask for.

The canopies were well dressed. The setting unconventional.

I have told the visiting party that I expect only one, yes only one tray of the traditional sirih gangang to accompany the engagement ring. I have seen those with tens of trays and imagine the burden to the bride and groom to fake out  the presents with the accompanying dressings. They were so recalcitrant. It ended up with 5 . I tolerated.

My MCOBs brothers came and were the last to leave.

The ceremony went well and the event was sweet and special. So with that done the time has come to focus on the wedding.


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