Father of the Bride – emak emotionally charged

Emak wanted it her way. She did almost everything to show her concerns, authority, power and just plain desire and passion about wedding. She wants the bridal chamber, she wants the pelamin, she wants a new set of curtains.

Her emotional blackmailing was at its finest. So was mine but at the end I gave in.

“You dont do this at the kampung then” she raised her stake, complete with the poker face. I did not bite.

As I said, at the end I relented. I relented just to please her. So she got her new curtain, the pelamin and the bridal chamber. At times when she became unreasonable like dictating which room to be made the bridal chamber, I put a stern stop to it.  I must have raised my voice. I quickly make up apologizing.

Then there was this issue on the guest list. She wanted to do it business as usual that is inviting everyone that is considered a relative or acquaintance. That will run to 3000.  I reason out with her. At the end we mananged to get her to establish rules, guideline or principle that will guide the guest lists. So she came out with the like of ” munjung and mangkuk tepen list” , her list of nephews and nieces who send her raya goodies in the tiffin as a mark of respect to the elderly. There is the Close friend list and she did that with the accompanying remark “many of friends have passed away, anyway”.

As my good friend from Canada said, go esham, take care of all these and do not miss these special moments. I am doing it.

3 Responses to Father of the Bride – emak emotionally charged

  1. suryaSurya says:

    have fun planning the wedding! :)

  2. inspigoblog says:

    surya, if u need a consultant, let me know

  3. room design says:

    That always happens with parents. Just go along with her will. :)

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