Father of the bride – Planning for the Nikah ( solemnization)

I have been very determined to make the Nikh as the focus of the ceremony and the reception or kenduri. There is not going to be any bersanding, the bride and groom on the throne, as the king and queen of the day. The invitation card reads ” dijemput ke majlis akad nikah” instead of the usual majlis persandingan or perkahwinan.

Then came the demands by the dowager empress, mother of Ceasar. I dont care whether you are going to have the bersanding BUT I want the pelamin or dais / throne.

After some fine emo blackmailing I relented.

So partly fulfilled she sat at the director’s chair reliving her glory days as a Mak andam. I am happy that she is happy bu I know she is not fully satisfied.

Then the bombshell ” nowthat the pelamin is ready, why not have the bersanding”. I was naive but I am not giving in.

Dont spoil my party.

Back off.

Who is the owner of that uninsured mouth , were some of my caustic comments.

I know that the family practices freedom of speech. They can say what they like but the family has remained intact although not totally without dissent. I can live with those unwelcome suggestions but I am adamant.


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