Father of the Bride – The race has started

The Race has started. I gathered the tribe at the Dome.  Not quite the whole tribe but  representatives of the various tribes that make up  the Eshams DNA.  I was taking chances, calling for a meeting  with notice of less then two hours. Surprise surprise we got more then 100% turn out. There were   two unexpected  additional attendees.

We had a section of the DOme to ourselves. When everybody had ordered their drinks, the first agenda was the introduction. Some of them have not previously met. It was laughter after laughter   as the introductions were done one by one with healthy doses of bantering and  good cheers.

OM represented my MCOB band of brothers . The elders  of tribe had earlier met at the Pressroom. Yasmin was there representing what remained of the ancient tribe of  Melenggang and Biduanda. Then there was endon of the Mariambako Clan and BusuandBond who represented the Langkawi Minang side. The two wives of Ceasar made it more regal.

All in all we had 11 attendees: me, norman, mama, mummy, Om, Hani, busu,bond,Yasmin, Big mama, endon accompanied by RosMariam @rosemary.  Towards the end, the daughter of Che Man came.

It was a fun evening of planning with good cheers and camraderie. As I said I will not miss this for the world.

Thank you everyone.


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