Father of the bride – while the preparations were on-going……..

while the preparations were on going…

we got a message from Adam’s tuition teacher. ” i am giving up …..” . So there I was sitting on the kerb of the flowerbed, listening attentively to Joyce.It was an earful,  short of getting a reprimand. I was thankful to Joyce. I have been coming back for lunch just to see the two young ladies get off to school and adam safely back. I have not asked too many questions but I will. He had his own stories told to Joyce. I will make sure he takes his shower before going to Tuition and I will make sure he does his work.

while the preparations were  ongoing…

.. the young adult had problems managing her purse and gadgets. We had hell breaking loose. I made my point clear. Accountability has nothing to do with trust. It was a lesson in life which everyone had to go through. Just that it varied from one to another. It happened to me when I was 18, finding my expenditure exceeding my Stg 70  monthly scholarship. She had her privileges withdrawn. It was another lesson in life that privileges have to  be earned. After two weeks we made up hopefully stronger and my understanding and practice of ASSABR will be victorious as promised by Him. Alhamdullilah

While the preparations were on going……….

.. I received the news that the dispenser we were designing and constructing did not deliver the designed flow rate. That was indeed bad news.  It was back to the detailing calling the UK and Italy. After hours of tiring brainstorm and what seemed to be doomed we theoretically found the solution. I wish I could meddle with the valve there and then. We had to wait. It was not until past noon the next day that we got the news that the solution worked. Alhamdulillah

while the preparations were going on….

there was a big debate and a lot of posturing about going to Malacca to handle the arrival of a maid for Emak. Everybody felt overworked, overstressed, . They pent out their frustration to Caesar. Had I been Julius, they would be sent for solitary confinement.  Had they been the Emperor’s concubine Sun Tzu would recommend  their head chopped off. I trust good sense and level headedness will prevail. The wives of Caesar  levelled up their senses. Alhamdullilah.

while the preparations were ongoing………..

…we lost the tender.

while the preparations were ongoing……..

The HOme needs tending, the Office needs commanding, the clients need  caring. Safia wanted her medical certificate.

TOPCAT kept his cool. Keep it Simple S…..


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