Father of the bride – Deciding on the Menu

During the Engagement we agreed to go Minang and Rembau. For the wedding it had to be Javanese.  We all agreed that is was not going to be Briyani although Batu Pahat is famous for its Bariyani.

Having decided on the menu, we requested for a Food Test. The session was hilarious. Everybody wanted to give opinions which was the right thing to do but then I realized that Caesar has to decide having considered all opinions. You cannot have too many cooks spoiling the soup. But I must say in this case our taste was quite consistent.

The salad was too sweet. No sugar but more belacan.

the pecel was quite good but do not put salt on the chicken. We want the natural taste of the chicken.

The chicken in soy sauce must not be made chinese. We do not want oyster sauce. No MSG please.

The rice was soggy. We needed a separate test for rice. Finally we opted for Bashmati.

The deserts were choices of the the two mothers.

The fun thing was this video showing us taking votes “bulu ayam” versus “kurau”. At the end Caesar and the Mother of Caesar used their vetoes.

I insisted on another food test particularly for the chicken. We discussed on scenarios if we do not like the chicken. I said I was prepared to change the cook. That was too much for The EM. She walked out. That was silly of us speculating on something hypothetical.


Kari Bebiri Organik Dari Ladang

Organic Lamb Curry Malay Style

Urap Kerabu Jawa Bercekur

“Urap” Javanese Herbal Salad

Ayam Kicap Berempah Batawi

Batavia Chicken in Spiced Soya Sauce

Sambal Goreng Pengantin

Javanese Tofu and Tempe in Assorted Condiments

Serunding Kelapa Gaya “Ambeng”

Fragrant Coconut “Ambeng” Style

Kurau Asin

Salted Kurau Fish

Manisan (dessert) :  Terumba, Sarang Semut

I hope everything would go well. We have planned and time now to tawakkal.


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