Father of the bride – I bought myself a pair of “capal”

I bought myself a pair of capal. A capal is a Malay sandal. The last time I had a pair was about 30 years ago. It was a cool combination of my ragged  and faded jeans and the Malay Capal. I must say the design is pretty cool. It has not changed, rightfully so  being a traditional footwear.

It cost me RM 38. Without asking for a discount the young lady at the Mubarak Store in Batu Pahat gave me a RM7 discount. I also bought a songkok. My favourite songkok which I bought in Kuala Pilah has disappeared. It must have been kidnapped and going to be held ransom by a fair maiden, my secret admirer. That reminded me of the story of my Pak Long. In the days of yore it was enough for the Penghulu to summon a young man into marriage if evidence of songkong and the sarong were presented by the family of the girl. He must be an adventurous young man. He ended up marrying a relatively elderly widow who had in her possession Pak Long’s songkok and sarong.

The songkok cost me RM90. For RM 128 the Malay Budiman had all the accessories to complete his Baju Melayu on the wedding day.

When I got home, Emak was pleased.

“do you know that your Atok was a Capal maker? she asked.

“Yes you told me so” I replied

She continued reminiscing how busy atok was during Ramadan. The built-in lockers next to the main staircase served as his workshop. The two lockers remained intact to this day. When He died, all the tools and implements of his trade disappeared. There was no one to inherit the trade.

This is the very house where the wedding is going to be held.

So those groom out there who wish to cut down on your budget , yet want to look elegant, go opt for the Malay Capal. At Rm 38 it is a bargain. You can spend your money on the Ferragamo once your children’s education fund is taken care of.


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