Father of the Bride – Mother over-exerted herself

She wanted to know everything related to the wedding. Her 20/20 eyesight meant that no stone  or brick was to be turned without her knowledge. Literally and actually speaking. Her favourite past time has always been the garden, but her taste was rather French, straight line bushes, flower pots, brick lined flower beds. She like bricks.

I did a French Revolution on her. I overhauled the garden. I like Tropical garden, lush, chaotic, plants from the forests, open spaces. When I did the restoration of the house, I also did away with the flowerpots and the painted bricks. There were fierce resistance. There were numerous occasions changes I did were overturned the moment I left for Kelana Jaya.

I had been fairly patient. I had a few frustrations too. The lush siantan plant suddenly get cropped. The 6 footer pandan serani which took years to grow to that height suddenly became a midget. The kantan plant that grew suddenly disappeared. I blew my top. I finally managed to control it by telling Osman the Bangladeshi gardener that for every shoot that he cut off I was going to charge him Rm 10.

Then there was this trend on orchids. Suddenly I found orchids filling the front rows.

Now we are more or less at peace as far as the garden was concerned. I was pleased, finally she appreciated the orchid bed combination that I came out with. Instead of miles of straight lined beds, I broke the monotony by combining the orchids with other plants.

With the wedding approaching, the garden is maturing. At the very least I expected one of her prime areas of concerns would have been taken care off. She would be able to enjoy the big tree, the bungor, the red hot halia bara, the flowering orchids, the siantan.

That was not to be. Only yesterday she was asking why the bungor was not flowering. Why are the orchids not having so many flowers. Her 20/20 vision and sharp faculty put a strain on her physically.

The wedding planner in her got the better of her. She ordered the rempeyek  her favourite tit bits. She ordered the serunding.She ordered the orchids.

The primadonna at work.

She walked with her cane inspecting. The extra walking was not doing any good to her. Yesterday she complained of difficulty in breathing,  she asked to be sent to the doctor with a proviso, only to Dr Nor not the Hospital.

That was not good news. She has always been reluctant to go to the doctor. So off  we went to Clinic of the Family Doctor.

Do not send me to the hospital, she said, always 3 steps ahead in her thinking. But Dr Nor our  good neighbor and doctor, told her otherwise.

“mak mah kena jumpa pakar” she instructed.

So, at midnight we were at the E/A of the Putra. Dr Kee her able specialist was quick to attend to her. Her Bp was 217/100. Not good news.

“Not to worry” said the doctor, “She is now stable”.

“Mak cik kena duduk Ward”

‘”Tapi doktor, cucu saya nak jadi pengantin. Saya setuju tapi esok mesti balik”,  her pointed finger giving directive to the good doctor.

“Ok saya setuju” the doctor relented,

It was good for her. She needed the rest.


2 Responses to Father of the Bride – Mother over-exerted herself

  1. ayyub says:

    congratulations to the bride… and of course her father too…

  2. hafidzah says:

    thank you ayyub.

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