father of the bride – My band of brothers

One of the first few people that I informed of the  engagement and wedding was MO. He was the proclaimed Godfather of the bride.

When we last met  during LIMA at Langkawi, he asked if there was any new development on his God Daughter, love wise. There was no indication at that time although we could smell something brewing.

” You let me know, I will investigate who the prospect is.  I will make time for the engagement and wedding” that was  the level of intimacy we have.

“Who said I do not have a daughter? I have 3 sons and a daughter” he added up the god daughter to the three sons that he has.

We have been brothers since we were 15, a member of my band of brothers. I was one of the early birds as far as marriage was concerned. At 24 I had my first daughter and she became the adorable baby of the many doting UNCLES and MO was the unchallenged Godfather. There was this special picture of the bride sitting on the lap of her godfather.

So when I told him of the engagement, he was excited. Ross was the other one who got excited.

” I am inviting myself to the engagement and wedding”

When the news spread, the group had all sort of ideas. A bus trip, golf, overnight. Over lunch at the Pressroom, we initiated a working committee  consisting of TJ, OM, Cik Ngah Mo and Ross.

Overnight the Facebook event was generated and I relied upon OM to be representative of the group.

On the wedding day, as always they were the first to come and the last to leave. It has now become a tradition for us to don our official Baju Melayu and samping, a tradition started when one of us was getting married.

” I need to have support and to show my father in law that I have many friends”  said the cheeky OM, the groom.

Weddings now are opportunities and excuses for  reunions. We are going through this phase where one after another of our children get married. These are opportunities to renew the kinship and brotherhood.

Weddings are events we enjoy and make full use of, besides the occasional organised  get together. The  other reunions are at funerals which has been slowly creeping in regularity.

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