Father of the bride – Kueh bungkus

Kueh bungkus, or banana leaf wrapped Malay sweet dumplings are traditionally prepared a day before the wedding. There are two popular types, kueh koci and kueh bongko. The kueh koci is steamed  glutinous rice flour with palm sugar fillings, the gula melaka or gula enau. Kueh bongko is steamed banana dumplings.

The ladies of the kampung would gather  commune style, to pack and steam these lovely dumplings. My brother and I often chided these  activities.Why not other kueh? Why the need for such activities?Why not just buy the cookies?

On the morning of the wedding I discovered the wisdom of the kueh bungkus. The morning was the busiest morning. What with the table arrangement, the zapin party, the flower delivery, the sound check, the last minute clearing of rubbish. Who has time for the preparation of breakfast?

Kueh bungkus came to the rescue. We had koci, nasi lemak bungkus and mee siam bungkus ready to serve about 100 family members. Accompanied by piping hot black coffee there was no bothering of serving plates, and washing of the dishes.

Only the black bin bag was the necessary implement to take care of the biodegradeable, organic, banana leaves,

I had 2 helpings each of the nasi lemak, mee siam and kue koci.

I did not know when my next meal would be. That was a wise move as I could only eat at 4 pm that day, once everything was alright.

Me? a nervous wreck? naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay


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