heart sick, the loss of tranquility of the heart

written by wak

Indeed the sickness or illness of the heart is one that needs attention. We often are not aware of the illness that befallen us. Jealousy, envy,  are but  symptoms of the sickness of the heart – the inability to enjoy a peaceful heart. a peaceful heart feels nothing but peacefulness and tranquility, meaning there is no feeling of happiness nor sadness, no fear nor hope, no love nor hate, but merely tranquility. It is all about a state of equilibrium.

a sick or an ill heart is a heart in imbalance. It is disturbed, agigated or perhaps just aroused, thus it needs to make noise to be acknowledged or reckoned, but in doing so, the person would start to lose his true self, anger, wrath in control i.e. the composed/assured/collected self @’alnnafsu almutma-innah’ or ‘diri yang tenang’ (89:27) disappears.


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