good lickin’ …. an oral ecstasy

I could easily be put off by those which smell like rotten cheese. A good six inch away the brain cells started sending the right excitation  signals … this was perfect

It looked so inviting too, lean,  firm and yet smooth. I gave it   a tender smack with the lips before  savoring it passionately. No rush.

The thin-film creamy stuff  blended with the saliva, swirl it around and around,  before it got past the throat.  The buds on your  tongue reacted in concert with the sense of smell and touch.   Enjoyment was an understatement. It was ecstasy.

I purposely did it slowly and tenderly, prolonging the ecstasy.

All good things have to come to an end. I  licked it clean leaving the tiny seed bare save for the fibrous part.

That was my last exploit for the season. Nothing in this world  can be compared to my “durian Ahbeng” .

Till the next season. Insyallah.


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