of heart, hati, QALB and Aql in the Quran

The word QALB, often translated to English  as HEART, appeared many times in the Quran.

It is the QALB which softens 39:23, or hardens. 2:74 It is the QALB that goes blind and refuses to recognize the truth 22:46 and it is the QALB that inspires the function to reason and understand.7:179; 22:46; 50:37 In the QALB, lies the root of all outward diseases 5:52; it is the seat of all inner ills 2:10. The Qalb where faith is 5:41 and hypocrisy. 9:77 It is the QALB, which is the centre of all that is good and bad, whether it be contentment and peace 13:28, the strength to face afflictions 64:11, mercy 57:27, brotherly love 8:63, God-Consciousness 49:3; 22:32; or, doubt and hesitation 9:45, regrets 3:156, and anger 9:15.

The Quran mentions it as the organ in your breast. Is it the physical heart it is referring to?In Malay it is HATI, directly translated to liver but a more apt translation is feeling or “perasaan”. What is this Qalb and where does it reside in the body.

QALB  is not that  piece of  muscle that pumps blood  in your body, the Jantung or physical heart. QALB is the centre of all your feelings, emotions, motives, drives, aspirations, remembrance and attention.

Biologically the nearest I could think of is that Qalb is primarily made up of  the three primary organs, the LIVER, The HEART and the BRAIN. So when the Malays refer to Qalb as hati they are not wrong as the liver primary function is the production of enzymes and hormones that determines human emotion, feel, reaction.

The physical heart is a pump, which reacts to signals to pump more or to pump less, at higher or lower pressure, at high or lows velocity.  And the brain is the seat of AQL, the processor.

So QALB is the equivalent of your operating system, the DOS, Windows and the relevant hardwares that will respond to external and internal interfaces.

QALB is your electro-physical biochemical being.


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