wedding overload

I attended a wedding reception today. It was fun, meeting many cousins as this was a wedding hosted by a cousin for his son. Weddings and funerals are the only occasions we have longer time to engage. You do not get that luxury during Eid. With Eid or Hariraya, it is usually touch and go. Salam, MZB and salam. Even Maaaf zahir batin is now replaced with MZB.

Someone aired his opinion on his fb wall that his weekends are now occupied with the “chores” of attending weddings, that weekends are no longer time of rest or time for the family. I do agree but fortunately I am not as popular as him, nor am I a politician. I do get the occasional invites from close friends and relatives. So I am not complaining. Neither do I complain, if i do not get an invite from so and so or from friends, no matter how close. The host must have his reasons.

I am a strong advocate of smaller weddings,or shorter wedding lists. It is sometimes unimaginable to have a list of even a thousand, at least for me. I call it a touch and go wedding, people come, eat, shake hand and go. Hello, eat goodbye. With too many invites I know of those who attend weddings because of being obliged. So it is hello, and good bye.

With the kind of grouses, like the one above, by those being invited I would rather restrict the invitation list to those who would genuinely appreciate to be in your company.

Weddings are occasions to celebrate, to enjoy, to relax, to share the fun, to be thankful, to hope.

With a shorter list, by all hosts, the probability of you being invited would be much less. It would be reasonable to go to weddings once a quarter. So if all Malay hosts reduce their invitations from 1500 to 500, your chances of being invited will be reduced 3 folds. If it is to 300, wow, weddings will become occasions you look forward to attending.

There will be a real estate boom, because money saved on weddings can be used as the down payment for the newlywed’s first home.


2 Responses to wedding overload

  1. zura says:

    wow pak esham, a blog!!! didnt know u write :). anyway, found u through fb and happy blogging. rgds zura

  2. inspigoblog says:

    now i know who this dot on the map of sudan belongs to. happy reading

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