Father of the bride – choosing a partner

The time has come for me to get the bow out again. My second daughter has just got engaged.

True to the family tradition, I organized a “meet the walihood” dinner. It is a formal dinner where the girl and the boy are the guests of a family dinner setting. The Family in this case consist of the “wali” ; loosely translated as the guardian. In our case it was me, the two spouses and the male siblings of the bride.

The prospective groom has the opportunity to express his intention and the family members have the opportunity to get to know the prospective new member of the family. It may sound intimidating to some but it is not. It is usually done in a restaurant which is more relaxing then the intimidating of an unfamiliar home.

My question was direct ” why do you like her/him?”

You may get an assortment of answers, pious, hardworking, compatible, humble, etc.etc

The answer I got from the last outing was SOLAT, he seldom misses his SOLAT.

That is a fairly good answer, but I told them the next day that it was not good enough. The perfect answer after considering the compatibility, love, likeness, etc issues is to find a spouse that believe in the UNITY of God and one that strive to TAQWA.


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