I am 54 today

I am 54 today. In Greece, one would have retired, but look at the mess in Greece. In many tribal communities deep in the South American tropical jungles, you would not see many past 50.  Look at HeFFNER. At that age he was still surrounded by bunnies., not that I want to be HEFFNER. (not that many)

I have therefore a lot to thank for,  the wonderful mother of CEASAR,   the  in-laws, the companero  a siempre,   the friends,  the new friends I have made, the enemies I have avoided, the good neighbours, the community I live in, the wonderful extended family at home as well as in the office, the wives to live for, the laughter of children, the good life I have had.

My blood-brother and fellow dwellers of bigtree wrote an inspiring piece about being 50 plus. This is the age of “kegemilangan” he said. The Prophet Muhammad did his Hijrah at 53 and reconquered Mecca at 60. Not only that, Lim Goh Tong started terracing the hills of Genting at 50.

I would remain apolitical but with very strong views on politics. My generation had done this mistake of franchising our rights as citizens to many bird brains. I am determined to reclaim that. My ADUN would just have to bear with this vocal constituent. I will be fair and credits must be given to you for the change that has taken place. Let us do our part not to CORRUPT this earth. I know you are a good man.

As an engineer I am a practitioner of God’s Law. It astounds me to see people proclaiming themselves as engineers trying to cheat GOD. My prayer is to be given the strength, the steadfastness, the guidance to continue becoming a practitioner of GOD’s Law. Retiring is therefore not an option when you are enjoying your work. The wish is to improve the balance on work , health and pleasure, between self, family, community and God , between the present and the future, between now and the hereafter.

In the last one year I have discovered the new meaning of SOLEH or reformation, the new meaning of SOBAR or steadfastness. Lately I have been indulging in my own flights of discovery or you may even say flights of fancy, discovering new frontiers challenging the concept of SACRIFICE or Qurban which I think is oppressive. Please bear with me and if you find it to be going against the grain just remember that it is my own personal journey.

Thank you all for  the LOVE, the friendship,  the camaraderie. This follower of ABRAHAM is still on course with the iron, the balance and the book in his hands.


3 Responses to I am 54 today

  1. Anita Esham says:

    Happy Birthday Ayang!!

  2. suryaSurya says:

    Happy Birthday, dear Big Boss :)

  3. Ajoi says:

    Happy belated birthday yop!!

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