The Big RTPJ2 Fraud

I am pleased to see that the Padang case has attracted a lot of interests. It affects everyone not just the people of Kelana Jaya.

The act of gobbling up public spaces in Selangor has been going on for years where developers in cahoots with corrupt government officers and politicians/MB  literally rob the public of amenities promised in the development of townships and housing estates. PJ, Subang Jaya are hot areas. In PJ , the act of re-coloring an acre from green to BLUE (commercial) will result in the price of land increasing from RM 1mil to RM 20 mil.

However the scale of fraud in the PADANG and RTPJ2 is unprecedented

The Padang KJ is 17.5 acres. So the incentive for the fraud is huge: the price of the property increase from 17.5 m to RM 350 million. For the whole of PJ Multiply that by about 5 to 10  times from 23 hectares to 100 + hectares

In early 2011 we were told that the changes to the zoning was done by the previous government. We believed them. So our fight was purely political in a very apolitical way. We have DAP, MCA, MIC, GErakan, Umno, PKR in the team and remain so till now. Remember we were the one who appointed the youngest ADUN and the “correct3X ” video man.

So urban citizens: know your rights. Understand the Town and Country Planning Act 172: a magnificent piece of statue I must say. I become an expert in this act, because of the Padang.

PKNS under that controversial GM has been tasked by the MB to generate  RM20b worth of project in the shortest possible time. He was appointed in 2009/ 2010. Logically,  the quickest and easiest is to concentrate on PJ. By then the local plans were already well established.  So it was back to the kindergarten for a  coloring assignment. Officers were posted for this special assignment and on completion promoted.  People like me Derek Fernandez , citizen Nades and many citizens of the republic suspect that there are hidden hands. This job to investigate lies with MACC. This is beyond SELCAT. They are innocent until proven guilty.

There were 250 over cases of tempering of the RTPJ2 and some tempering of Subang jaya as well. So it is not just the PADANG, it is about ara damansara, PJU, PJS USJ bla, bla, bla. So if you think you are still  a virgin, you don’t have to believe this.

The whole plan collapsed after we the people of KJ discovered that fraud.

For the time being, until 2020nat least, legally they cannot touch the padang. So it is not smart holding the rakyat who voted you ransom. And Kelana Jaya is Malay majority,a  PKR and PAS  stronghold.  The present ADUN, Nik NAZMI  won by 2800 votes.  Nik is popular here. In contrast the Subang Ria Taman was quickly resolved because it was DAP because it is hannah YEOH. So the people of KJ and the Malays of KJ have reasons  to feel slighted.

There are many quesations still unanswered . We have lots of unfinished business.  We Need all your help.  You will be hearing a lot from us. This is not about UMNO/BN or PKR/ PR, it is about doing the RIGHT things. IN the mean time read TALAM for smarties on my Face book. We are apolitical. We just say we will vote for the Padang to put the political pressure


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