What Make A Good Member of Parliament – the case of Kelana Jaya

What makes a good MP?

An MP is a lawmaker in the Federation of Malaysia a national level responsibility  yet he represents a particular  locality or constituency.

As a lawmaker and member of an August institution, Parliament, he must have the interest of the Federation at heart, with the constitution as the guiding principles. To be effective he must be knowledgeable of the constitution, be sensitive to the culture, has the skill to voice opinions and beliefs. With the available social media we expect our MP to voice and share with us  his belief wrt ISA, Sedition Act, and all acts going through parliament.

Ideally the moment someone is elected MP he ceases to be a politician but that is impossible. At best we expect our MPs to be doing less politicking, for he represents the whole constituents. In the case of Malaysia now, politicking never stop. We get tired of it actually.  An MP must maintain decorum at all time,  he must show respect   for constituents who did not vote for him, promote unity, fight any sign of  racism and chauvinism.

Being a representative of a locality, he must be passionate about the constituent he represents. There must be local issues that need to be championed. The MP must take the leadership, not just a mediator or supporter. In our case our number one issue is the rampant development of Kelana Jaya causing over population, rising crime, shortage of schools, traffic woes, environmental degradation.

The greatest challenge in KJ is the PADANG RAKYAT. I wish our MP to have done  more then what they have done. Although our MP promised to lie on the road if the excavator move in, we think by then it would be too late.

Our MPs are too partisan. They tend to toe the party line too much. If you champion the people you cannot lose, but if you are scared that you will not be nominated again next term, then surely you do not deserve to be re-nominated.


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