Why Can’t we build aircraft like A380 – we just do not have the deen and character

I am on board the A380.I cannot sleep. Maybe it is because of the overdose of flying. Having left Orlando, the space capital of the world a good 27 hrs ago and the hotel room 33 hrs ago the bums are getting sore and no amount of intoxicant can help.

I must  say The A 380 is an awesome flying machine ever built by man. Look at the flying information on screen:

It is flying at  855 Km per hr at an altitude of 11887 m. That is nearly 7 miles up in the sky. The outside temp is negative  52 deg C. At that temperature not only your ears get brittle but steel behaves like crackers. And the air is rarified, you cannot breathe unaided.

Have you ever imagined how those 4 jet engines function in such adverse conditions? And how they perform so reliably and effectively?

This is out of the world, literally  and factually speaking. This is heavenly, the rarified stratosphere. This must be the lowest  heavens referring to the multiple layered heaven as mentioned in the surah regarding space exploration I quoted from the Quran in my last posting

Hear this “O ye assembly of Jinns and men! If it be ye can pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, pass ye! not without authority shall ye be able to pass! Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny? (55:33-35)”

The key word in the that verse is AUTHORITY. Have you ever wondered why God authorize this select men to succeed in designing and building this machine to explore the heavens? Let us refer these ppl as The AUTHORIZED SOCIETY and learn what makes them special and chosen by God.

I think I have the answers which I am listing below all of which point to the fact that these select society or AUTHORIZED SOCIETY have something in common. They  have got it right in the eyes of God. Suffice to say that these men representing the societies they belong practice the correct deen , the way as outlined  in the Quran

1. Top in the list is they get the right Ulama or the knowledgeable.  They do not allow their life to be governed by stupid people who claim to be knowledgeable. Stupid is used here in the context of not using the brain, of being without substance or content, lacking the ability to ask, explore , experiment, hypothesize,  and discover God’ s law  and knowledge.  Stupid here means as  the donkeys  in the parable in the Quran, the one that carries a load of kitabs, scriptures and  books as its burden yet  not knowing what the use are. The Authorized Societies you will agree,  respect knowledge and strive for knowledge. They accord the appropriate reverence and recognitions to the professors, the mathematicians , engineers, physicist, scientists .

What about the opposite, the failed the mediocre and  the unsuccessful societies? You will agree with the observation,the unsuccessful societies are the ones who lack knowledge, they over-revere their  religious monks and priests and religious  leaders. In other words , these are the societies which have hijacked the word ulama as defined in the  Quran . Sorry people of the cloth, Sorry the order of the Buddhist monks. Sorry society of the brahmins. Sorry, it is painfully true.

2. These Knowledgeable(s) or  ulama(s) of these Authorized Societies may not be believers in the unity or God or God itself but they submit to the Law of God. Remember the verse, the birds and the trees submit to God?  A piece of stone when dropped from a height submit to the Law of God by falling towards the ground following g the Law of gravity. Newton discovers that Law, but that is not Newton’s Law. It is the Law ordained by God and that applies to all Laws of the universe, known and unknown. The same applies to Faraday to Einstein to Ohm.

3,  Having discovered these laws, they know the limits and they put that into practice.  They respect LIMITS. Yes you got it right, Limit as in HAD, ha dal dal or HUDUD.  They put into practice hudud. As a matter of fact they are the group that dare Not defy any hududullah or the law of God or the limits set by God.

4. Do you Think a hypocrite Can survive within this group of people. No way! These are lovers of facts and truths: Lovers of evidences, Lovers of experiments and trials. Hypocrites and bogus scientists and engineers cannot survive the check and balance of the Society.

5. And look at their system. They have their HOUSES in order. Yes I am referring to their Bait, which is translated to HOUSE or System. Instead of turning their bait to some kind of theme parks, these people take great lengths to ensure their governing systems are in place. The highest are off course of all  their  baits they call the House of Senate or the House of Commons or Parliament. Even in their daily lives, in their place of work and in their homes, they have appropriate systems, which  they call Quality Management System. They also establish governing Baits or System or House  or organization  such as the ISO.

6. The bait they have built is not based on flimsy foundations. The foundations are made of that special concrete carrying Taqwa as the brand. They understand what taqwa is. They know righteousness or virtuous  are not some fancifully definitions by some people of the cloth. They do not define Taqwa  as some generic statement “membuat yang disuruh Dan menjauhi  yang  dilarang” without actually knowing and specifying the command by GOD.  Failure of which they have been wasting their breath debating the issues until the cows refused to go home and  allowing abuses by intermediaries. They fail to uphold covenants, they focus on rituals, they enjoy forms rather then substance and as a result their Bait or House or system collapse or are flimsy and weak.

7. Before you get this thought that it was easy, take note their system has not been built overnight. They understand what SOBAR is. To them SOBAR  is not patience. To them it is not stupidly tolerating  inefficiency, ineffectiveness, abuses, injustice.  They challenge, they are steadfast, committed and resilient..

8. They are the most SOLEH of all men. These are societies who DO NOT believe soleh as a team in heaven or a title for the bogus ulama. Soleh is about here, now, about positive change about improvement. They practice continual improvement. They know what reforming and transforming are, not  street slogans forgotten once in power.

9. They know and respect  the power of GOD. They may term is the power of the unknown but to us believers it means the power of God or the Power that owns that knowledge  or one that is yet to be known.  How do they address the unknown? They are concerned about safety and integrity. They do not blame God for accidents and breach of Safety or say “Act of God”. They practice the belief that all that is good are from God. They manage and overcome risks. They Practice the SAFETY FACTOR. Safety factor can be whatever that the may think appropriate and subject to adjustments as they know more.

If for any reasons any ulama or Brahmins or monks or Christian Priest feel slighted about my opinions above, please take comfort that I am not singling any one of you. You are the good one who does not sell the word of God , You are one who understand  and fully subscibe to this verse

“Do you not see that Allah sends down rain from the sky, and We produce thereby fruits of varying colors? And in the mountains are tracts, white and red of varying shades and [some] extremely black. And among people and moving creatures and grazing livestock are various colors similarly. Only those fear Allah, from among His servants, who have knowledge. Indeed, Allah is Exalted in Might and Forgiving.” (35: 27/28)

There are among you the good people of the books who do not claim to be Ulama or the knowledgeable or the Panditha. There are many good Alhabars who do not sell the words of God. These are the doctors of the scriptures whose job is  protecting the words of God and propagating the messages of God. They know they dare not hijack that word ulama as defined in the Quran for the retributions are severe.  To those of you who do not abuse your roles, May God reward you generously

Before I end my analysis of the qualities of men that design and build this beautiful flying machine, I must put a caveat here that I am not saying they are going to heaven or paradise. With the virtues they have they have been authorized by God to explore the heavens here, now. As for the hereafter and whether they go to heaven or not, I do not wish to speculate.

So back to designing the machine to explore the heavens… You people have a lot of things to correct but you can start on something simple…. Build an ultralght. You will discover that to be successful you need to put all the above in  good order in your own small way. Take comfort, in the eyes of God size does not matter. To submit is what matters

Protect us Lord and I pray for a safe landing back on mothership ARDH.

Sent from my iPhone

Written on board MH 3

22nd Sept 2012

Sent from my iPhone

Written on board MH 3

22nd Sept 2012


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