the multi dimensional Quran

Note: this is a mail I wrote to a friend regarding the infinite wisdom of the Quran


Thank you wak for sharing your thoughts. Appreciate it.

The beauty  and miracle of the Quran is that it has a built in dictionary, built in TEST circuit which many of us engineers try/aspire to incorporate in the engineering designs we do. its integrity will always be intact no matter how the misguided tries to manipulate. For seekers of TRUTH you will find truth via that SOLLA you make with HIM and if you invoke that request to be guided as long as HE is your RUJU’ and sole RABB behaving as an abadda.

many root words have been abused,  or misintrepreted for whatever reasons. Key to getting the juice is understanding the QUranic words and in your posting you have given a few examples. The most amazing thing i discover is how consistent the definition of each WORD yet it is multidimensional.

How true that men have been trying to establish SOLLA with GOD. I discovered the word Qa RA Ba, Qarib meaning to be NEAR GOD, which unfortunately has been translated to QURBAN. ( i will slaughter a lamb next week for  a feast amongst kin and friends as hadiya and sodoqah (an attempt to be QARIB)   but NO QURBAN hihih cos I think Qurban is not desired by God)

Similarly words like TAQWA, SOLEH, SOBAR, TOAT, you will notice how it is translated to takut, pious, patience, obey respectively. i have put those thots in my blog for my personal record.

The word TAAT has been used to justify the HADIS compiled by Bukhari ( I personally use that term HADIS for the ahsanul hadis). I have been trying to understand the meaning of TOAT. By His Grace I finally found it and have put that in writing in my blog and made peace with  4:59″O you believe, obey God and obey the messenger and those with authority among you”

Tq for the different dimension to RUJU’, muhtadeen, alQalam, the CLOT, will study further and use the AQAL plus ask for his GUIDE and Qalam


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